Yoga Barcelona

Hot Yoga Schedule Barcelona

Classes are usually 75 min in length and in Spanish unless otherwise indicated.

All of the yoga classes are practiced in a hot room of 40ºC except workshops.

Small class sizes from 5-15 people per class, great for beginners as well as advanced students as there is a lot of individual attention.  No reservation necesary for the classes unless otherwise indicated.

Try to come 15min before the class starts, you will not be able to join a class after it has started.

We are open on the holiday June 24th for classes.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
10:00 – 11:00   June 30th Sunrise Yoga at 6am  + info Hot Vinyasa English
11:30 – 12:30   Hot Vinyasa
Last Sunday classes until Sept on June 25th
17:30 – 18:40 Apprentice Class English
only 5€
Hot Vinyasa English 
Hot Vinyasa
 We are open June 24th Hot Power Vinyasa English
19:00 – 20:15 Hot Vinyasa 85min
Hot Vinyasa

Hot Vinyasa Oscar
Hot Vinyasa 85min
 Hot Ashtanga
 Hot Vinyasa Javier
20:30 – 21:45 Exclusive Hot Vinyasa
Hot Vinyasa 

Exclusive Hot Ashtanga
Hot Power Vinyasa English

Hot Vinyasa – Beginner – Intermediate
Exclusive Hot Vinyasa – Less people in the class, more personal attention and adjustments, more feedback and personalised class
Hot Ashtanga – Primary Series in 75min
Exclusive Hot Ashtanga – Less people in the class, more personal attention, more feedback and more breathes per posture
Pilates Barre – Not heated – pilates using a ballet bar more + info — no classes at the moment
Hot Power Vinyasa – Boot Camp fast paced vinyasa
Apprentice Class – New instructors apprenticing their vinyasa sequences with Heather – Heather will try to be in most classes and help with adjusting

Beach Vinyasa yoga

We will meet in front of Monchos restaurant (playa nova icària) 5 mins before the class.  It is 5€ for the class, please have exact change. Please send a whatsapp to the instructor that is teaching the class to confirm your attendance in the class.

Watch the sunrise while doing a yoga class at 6am on Friday June 30th whatsapp heather for + info and reserve your spot 665 745 405.

Time Monday Wednesday Sunday
9:15h-10:30h Beach Yoga Spanish
Lara – 627 101 581
July 3rd & 10th class at 8am
9h-10h   Beach Yoga Spanish Natsumi – 633 539 285 Beach Yoga English
Elora – 652 331 983
19:30h- 20:30h  Beach Yoga English
Irina +44 7944 656238
Hot Yoga Schedule Barcelona October 31, 2013